Membership "PAUSE"
10 EUR  / month
Renews automatically

All prices excluding value added tax (MwSt.)

Cancellation Notice
25 days
Sign-up Fee (f.e. account setup, electronic key, etc)
25.00 EUR
Minimum Commitment
1 month

This membership is only available for existing members. It's only usable for taking a break from your activities on-site, e.g. traveling, jobs abroad, etc.
- Campus access is not included.
- Just as with other membership plans the pause lasts for a month.
- There are no shorter periods possible.

"PAUSE" gives you access to:
- The multidisciplinary community and digital platform (slack)
- MotionLab.Berlin's external network
- Member only events
- Marketing promotion on our social media pages
- Access to all MotionLab.Berlin services (Investor Finder Fee, Grant Application, HR Service, and more)

Mail Service
25.00 EUR / month
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